Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Magazine Subscription: Weddings in Winnipeg

I'm not sure how many Winnipeg readers I have but just in case I have a few, I thought I'd mention a free magazine subscription available for those who are planning a wedding and live in the City of Winnipeg.  Not planning a wedding?  Feel free to pass this information on to your family and friends!

While searching on the web and through bridal shops, I found a magazine called Weddings in Winnipeg that provides free subscriptions for individuals who are planning a wedding in the near future.  Just go here, fill out the form and expect the next edition of Weddings in Winnipeg in your mailbox in a few weeks!  Also, by becoming a member, you will have complete access to their website, including the forums!

Are you looking for the back issues of Weddings in Winnipeg?  Check out Party Stuff!  I was at the Regent Avenue location this past weekend and while browsing through the wedding isle, I noticed a section of magazines.  All the back issues, including the back issue (December 2009) of Wedding Bells (Manitoba & Saskatchewan division) is complimentary!  You can also find the current issue of Weddings in Winnipeg there, which is also free.  Since each magazine is filled with lots of interesting/helpful articles and ideas for weddings, even the back issues are fabulous!

Unfortunately, if you don't like in the City of Winnipeg, you can't request a free subscription at this time.  However, if you are visiting a Bridal Salon or Party Stuff in Winnipeg, make sure to pick up your FREE copy there!

This free magazine subscription has been added to the FREE magazine subscriptions (on-going list).  Check it out for more great FREE magazine subscriptions available to people in Canada, US, and worldwide!


  1. I grew up in Winnipeg and now living in Southern Alberta!!!! Great to see a fellow Canadian and Winnipeg girl in blogging world!!!!

  2. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding in Winnipeg in July- I'm totally signing up the bride for this!


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