Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fisher-Price My Little Lamb™ Cradle ‘n Swing Review

One item that many moms told me I needed for the baby before becoming pregnant and during my pregnancy was a swing. Since I have purchased swings for baby gifts before and used them with the children I babysit, I knew a bit about them and what to expect. Despite my experience, I found myself impressed over many aspects of the My Little Lamb™ Cradle ‘n Swing.

This review is written from the point of view of a first time soon-to-be mother. Since baby-to-be is not born yet (due August 2011), I tested out the functions with a doll and took into consideration things I’d like in a swing. Since I am also a child care provider and I have a niece and a nephew, I’m writing about my experience with the My Little Lamb™ Cradle ‘n Swing in comparison to other swings I’ve used in the past (when applicable).

First of all, this swing is quite deluxe in comparison to other swings I’ve seen and experienced in the past. I really liked how plush and soft the fabric of the swing seat is, as well as the overall esthetic of the swing. Babies’ skin is so sensitive and the type of fabric used will help ensure that baby’s skin does not become irritated. As for appearance, even though there is a bit of blue on the swing, I think this swing is perfect for parents who are keeping their baby’s gender a surprise (like we are) or for people looking to purchase a gender-neutral gift. I personally love the little lamb/animal feel of the swing – it is so whimsical!

Another aspect of the swing that I like the fact that it offers six music tracks and three different nature sounds that can be adjusted to a range of volumes. Many swings seem to offer just one sound or the other but I am happy that this one offers both choices. The nature sounds can be changed as you wish, however, the music tracks play one after the other; the music tracks cannot be changed due to preference.

I have used a number of swings in the past that only move in one direction and I think it is really handy that this swing can move in three different directions (sideways, and front to back with baby moving towards the right or left). This is great for babies who like to swing a particular way. It is also useful for positioning based on various furniture configurations in your home. The swing also has six different speed settings that can be changed easily.

As with other swings, the mobile and the activity centre in the front of baby are a must! These aspects are wonderful for helping with baby’s development as they grow and become more interested in exploring the world around them. This swing’s mobile is motorized, which is a great added feature. Although the mobile is motorized, it does not run automatically; you can turn it on or off whenever you wish. To make cleaning easier, all the animals (lambs) hanging from the mobile are detachable.

One thing that this swing has that I have not noticed on other swings is a mesh canopy on the back of the swing seat. Since I have yet to use this with a real baby, I am not 100% about it’s functionality but I do think it makes the swing look much prettier. Plus, I can imagine it would decrease the chance of little fingers playing with things they shouldn’t be (once they get a bit older).

Finally, I found this swing to be well constructed; it is fairly simple to put together (it can assembled by only person) and it is nice and sturdy (especially because of the wide leg base). I also appreciate that Fisher-Price has paid close attention to the safety of this swing (e.g. a secure waist belt, padded crotch pad, rubberized feet, etc.).

One thing that was a bit bothersome to my husband and I was the sound of the swing rocking back and forth; it was a bit too loud for our preference. From the sounds it makes, it sounds like the motor running and the swing clicking back and forth. I think we might be able to get used to the sound over time but I do wish it was a bit quieter. I find that using the music/sound effects to hide the clicking and motor noise works alright.

Overall, this swing is loaded with features and it is sure to make your little prince or princess feel like royalty! I am definitely looking forward to using the My Little Lamb™ Cradle ‘n Swing with my little one!

**Disclaimer** The item reviewed above was sent to me for free by Fisher-Price (in cooperation with Mom Central Canada and Spider Marketing Solutions) as part of being a Fisher-Price Mom (please read my Fisher-Price introduction post for details. I was not required to post this review or discuss positive or negative aspects of the items I received; my only requirement was to write a 3-4 sentence review of the item on the new Canadian Fisher-Price website. Receiving this items did not in anyway alter the information which I discussed in this article; this review is 100% of my own opinion.

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