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Blue Celery Review & Giveaway

Do you wear your baby? Before becoming pregnant, babywearing always appealed to me.  There seems to be an intinct in mothers (and fathers) to hold their babies close...and for babies, to stay near to their parents.  When you think of babies' time in the womb...hearing the mother's heartbeat and feeling so warm and snug, babywearing just makes sense! 

Besides instinct, there are many known benefits to baby wearing such as (just to name a few):
- Most babies are calmer and cry less when in a baby carrier
- Babywearing can help a baby's attachment to their parent, allowing them to become more secure and even independent earlier
- Babywearers are able to remain hands-free while strengthening a close bond with their baby
- Moms who wear their babies have been shown to be less likely to develop postpartum depression

More information on babywearing can be found on AskDrSears.com and TheBabyWearer.com.

Canadian-made Organic Double Pouch Baby Wrap Blue Celery is helping parents everywhere wear their babies! Blue Celery carriers are made with moms & dads in mind who want a carrier without having to worry about complicated tying, snaps, clips, or rings. Blue Celery wraps are made simply while allowing you to wear your baby in a variety of positions.  This carrier system offers a variety of sizes to ensure the right fit for your body type.  This carrier cannot be adjusted to different sizes; Blue Celery states that if a mom and dad are only one size apart, they should be able to comfortably use this carrier interchangeably.

Blue Celery carriers come with three main pieces - 2 pull on loops (pouches) and a one-size waist sash to provide extra support to your baby as he/she grows. The carrier is made from soft stretchy organic cotton that is made in Canada.  All the pieces of the Blue Celery wrap system come packaged in a convenient unbleached cotton reusable lunch bag along with a step by step instruction booklet.  

The Blue Celery carrier utilizes the same crisscross pattern on the back as many other wraps and soft carriers that are currently on the market.  The design of this carrier is made to be ergonomic - ensuring support on both shoulders in all carrier positions and holds.  The Blue Celery carrier is suitable for use with newborns to children that are 35 pounds. Blue Celery wraps have been tested in the United Kingdom for safety.

The Blue Celery carrier is sold in three gender-neutral colours: EARTH, FOLIAGE, and NIGHT, and sells for $110 (Shipping is free when you order from the Blue Celery website).

Blue Celery carriers are available in many stores across Canada, as well as online on the Blue Celery website.  For a complete listing, please view Blue Celery's 'Where to Buy' page.

If you are interested in learning more about Blue Celery, make sure to check out the Blue Celery Facebook Page or @bluecelerysling on Twitter.


Upon first look at the Blue Celery carrier, I really liked several aspects of it...most of all that it was organic, that it used a simple three part system and that it allowed for a variety of positions that could be used from newborn up to 35 pounds.  I also liked that it came in a unbleached cotton lunch bag (I think it is perfect for bringing with you when you are out and about).  I really appreciate the fact that it is not only made in Canada but that the materials for the wrap come from Canada as well.

After speaking with the owner of this company, I really like who they are because what they believe in.  Katrina, owner of Blue Celery, explained to me the importance of babywearing and the 'right' carrier for mother/father and baby in a previous email, "I support baby wearing first and then my company.  To this end if I do not think that my sling is the best match for you (the customer) then I will tell the person that and even maybe suggest a different type of wrap or carrier.  I try my best to help people with their returns.  I have even some cases where the store would not take the return because it was bought 6 months before as gift to the new mom and she was given 2 as gifts.  I did the return for her.  It maybe a loss to me but I rather the happy mom."  This is the kind of company that I like to see - not only one that stands behind their product but stands behind what their product is all about!  You can learn more about Blue Celery on their About Us page.

Me & my daughter enjoying the weather with the Blue Celery Wrap.

Blue Celery offered to send me one of their carriers to try out with my baby girl.  I have had the opportunity to use it since she was a newborn, which has allowed me to try it out at a variety of ages and stages.

I first tried this baby carrier when by daughter was a few weeks old.  At first, trying to learn how to use the carrier with her unfortunately resulted in many baby tears (I have heard this can be quite common).  This was a new experience for her and this was my first time using a carrier as well.  I tried to ensure that before trying to use the carrier that Lyla was well feed, well rested, and in a good mood to make the learning process a little bit less stressful; I had heard that these steps could help make the process easier.

Once I had the carrier all figured out (learning to get it set up was fairly easy), I decided to try the cradle hold first.  When I tried this hold, I could never get it quite right.  I found that Lyla hung down too low and her head was not supported, despite numerous attempts.  So, I decided to take the carrier with me to my next midwife appointment to get her opinion and see if she could help me get it set up properly.  When I put the carrier on and got Lyla into the cradle hold, she saw the same problems that I did - Lyla didn't seem to be supported properly.  I didn't feel confident that I could hold her in that position without dropping her or hurting her neck.  We felt that the carrier was improperly sized for me despite using the sizing directions chart provided on the Blue Celery website.

Front-side view.

Once Lyla got a bit older, we tried the carrier again.  This time in the upright - facing out position.  This time the carrier felt more comfortable and I felt more confident that Lyla was safe in it.  I did find the Blue Celery a bit difficult to adjust to ensure she was in more of a seated position vs. a crotch dangle position.

Side view. If you look carefully, you can see where the waist sash is tied at the side.

Just recently, we tried the carrier again...this time in the upright - inward facing position, which has been a favourite position of mine in another carrier that I own.  This most recent time, Lyla was about 8 months old and very active.  When I tried it this time, the fit did feel a bit better than it did previously but I'm not sure if this was because I have gained some weight (unfortunately) postpartum, because it is a different position, or just because Lyla is bigger now.  But, I found that in this position, the edges of the carrier started to roll down (from my neck off my shoulders and downwards off of Lyla's back).  After a few minutes of this, I felt she was almost falling out of the carrier.  I think her mobility at this stage also played a part in the rolling of the material.  Once again, I was a bit frustrated with the process like I was in the beginning.

At this stage, I was also hoping for a carrier that would allow me to breastfeed my daughter on the go (for example, while shopping, at the zoo, etc.).  Unfortunately, because this carrier cannot be adjusted and my daughter is too old for the cradle hold, I cannot breastfeed her comfortably in the Blue Celery carrier; I was hoping that I might be able to breastfeed her upright like I can in another carrier that I own.

After many attempts at using this sling, I have only found one hold that works relatively okay for my daughter and I.  After many trials using this sling, I have determined that this sling is not right for our family.  I think this is for a couple of reasons: the sizing method of this carrier concerned me despite the sizing chart stating that it should have been correct, and I did not feel confident or safe in using this carrier most of the time with my daughter.  After speaking with the owner, she believes that the Blue Celery carrier was not sized correctly for me thus the issues I experienced; she mentioned that other individuals who have had the same issues that I did and it turned out that they were wearing a wrap that was the wrong size.

Although the Blue Celery carrier did not work out for my family, I do think that there are several aspects that may work for other people.  Through my experience, I think that when purchasing a baby carrier, it is important to,
- determine what aspects are important to you in a carrier (e.g. fabric type, versatility, where is made, etc.)
- test the carrier out before buying if possible (look online to see if there is a local babywearing group that has a lending program, or a local store that offers something similar)
- research the carrier online and ask friends about their experiences to give you a better idea of the carrier that you are planning to invest in.  I think this is particularly important if you cannot try before you buy. 

Front view. Unfortunately, no smiles for the camera. :(


How many winners are there? One (1).

What can you win?
One winner will receive two (2) Blue Celery Delish Lunch Bags (ARV $33).

"The blue celeryTM delish lunch bag is a fabulous new, re-useable, cotton canvas lunch bag perfect for lunches, snacks, kids stuff, your stuff!
  • - natural cotton canvas won't pick up odours like synthetic bags
  • - fits full-size lunch, snacks & water bottle
  • - kid-friendly velcro closure
  • - machine wash & dry with bag closed or hand wash then drip dry over night so its ready for the next day!
  • - made in Canada, and all inputs are sourced from North America"

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This giveaway will end on Sunday, May 6th.

This giveaway is open to residents of Canada only.

Good Luck!

**Disclaimer** Blue Celery sent me a Blue Celery wrap to help facilitate my firsthand review of their product.  Receiving this item did not in anyway alter the information which I discussed in this article; this review is 100% my own opinion.  I did not receive any other type of compensation for this review.

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  1. Thanks for the great review! We bought a "Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Sling" and didn't think it met our needs as it was a little awkward to use.


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