Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Monthly Food Ingredient Challenge (May 2012)

If you missed last month, I have started a challenge (for my family and my readers) called the Monthly Food Ingredient Challenge. To learn more about why I started the challenge and the purpose it, please visit my announcement page: http://www.everythingupclose.com/2012/03/announcing-monthly-food-ingredient.html.

I did post the one successful recipe I had from last month's challenge here: http://www.everythingupclose.com/2012/04/lentil-barley-salad.html.  This recipe happened to use both of my challenge ingredients.  Unfortunately, my husband and I weren't too crazy about the other recipes we tried so I decided not to share them with you.  Why share bad recipes with my readers?!  We are hoping that this month's recipes are a bit more successful. 

I will still be trying to incorporate barley and lentils in hopes that I'll learn some ways to cook them that we enjoy.

My challenge ingredients for May:
1.) Quinoa
quinoa 3
Flickr, by nerissa's ring

2.) Chickpeas
April 8/2010 Chickpeas
Flickr, by Jude Doyland
I'd still love to see some of my readers take part in this challenge.  If you have decided to take part, I invite you to mention the ingredients you plan to challenge yourself or your family to in a comment below.  Or, leave a link to your blog post. :)

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